Terms and Conditions

Amreen Infotech is a professional digital marketing company, which focuses on customer satisfaction. We deal with our clients in a timely, professional, and favorable manner. We always recommend our clients to read our terms and conditions before signing any contract with us. By involving Amreen Infotech their companies or businesses, the clients will be bound to accept the following terms and conditions:

The Contract

  • There will be an independent contractor relationship between the clients and Amreen Infotech. It states that no joint venture or partnership is implicit or intended by either party.
  • There will be a commencement date, on which the services to be offered will be agreed upon by both parties. Moreover, the charges imposed will be applicable according to that starting date.
  • We will submit a monthly report of services and performance to our clients.
  • Either party may not cancel or completely transfer the service responsibilities to any other company before giving a notice of at least 10 working days.
  • We hold the right to subcontract and assign some of the service tasks to a third-party service provider.
  • A person will not have any claims or rights to make if he/she is not connected to the client’s company or the contract.


  • We will not be held responsible for any indirect or consequential losses because of delay in obligated service deliverables where the delay is caused by natural or uncontrollable causes.
  • The clients will not hold Amreen Infotech guilty or responsible for any losses or claims that are not mentioned in the contract. All liabilities, claims, losses, and expenses connected with the services offered by Amreen Infotech to the clients under this contract, including without limitation caused by third-party service providers related to any false liability claims for services or products, advertising claims, claims for patent, claims because of disruption or malfunction of services provided, trademark or copyright infringement, or for any content submitted by the client for publication by Amreen Infotech.
  • When any content is publicized by Amreen Infotech, it will be accessible to the public. We will not be responsible for screening the material, and any losses of profit, goodwill, or a business asset because of the nature of the digital content being advertised.


At any point in time during the term of a contract, if Amreen Infotech fails to provide the quality of services to be agreed mentioned in the contract, then a waiver is valid only if it is communicated to you in writing only. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for any waiver.